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Meet Chimi

Although some may question its birthplace (Tucson or Phoenix), no one debates that Chimi's roots are undoubtedly Arizonan.

Serving the Arizona community for over 65 years, Chimi has traveled the world and left its mark in countries as far off as India.

Chimi's aides (cheese, protein and beans) attest to its popularity as a soulful candidate full of heft and substance.

Chimi News

"Legend has it that one day in 1946, Woody Johnson, the founder of Macayo's Mexican Kitchen, accidentally dropped a meat-filled burro into a fryer, creating what now is a staple of Mexican restaurants across the Southwest." – The Arizona Republic

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The Issue

As Arizona's centennial celebration approaches, Chimi is committed to see our fair state, reach this important milestone with a state food in its books.

Serving the community for over half of those 100 years, Chimi cares about substance, quality and tradition and will uphold those values if elected to this important post.

Sign the petition to let our state legislators know that we want Chimi as our official state dish.


Mexican restaurants, throughout the state of Arizona, have come together to join the Chimi Collaboration to elect the Chimichanga as Arizona's Official State Food.

The Chimi Collaboration is a group of restaurants that serve Arizona and believe in the importance of keeping the traditions of Arizona alive through their culinary impact. "Sign the Petition" button above. © 2012 Macayo Restaurants, LLC. All rights reserved.

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